Cuda News Week of June 10th

    Our first full meet of the season is tomorrow!

    Meet @ South Briar vs. Ashford Whales

    No morning practices!

    Arrive at 1:15, immediately check in with our Tent Monitors. Heat sheets are attached or can be downloaded from our webpage

    Click here for more details about what to expect and what you should bring.

    During the meet, swimmers should remain in the tent area with their age-groups so they can easily be lined up when it is their turn to swim. If your swimmer must briefly leave the tent area, please inform the Tent Monitors.

    Before leaving at the end of the meet, check-out with the Tent Monitors and make sure you collect all of your belongings and throw away your trash.

    The team will meet for dinner in front of the neighborhood on Westheimer and Royal Oaks strip (Halal Guys, Top It, Five Guys, etc.)

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