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Barracuda Swim Coaches

Making a difference, one lap at a time...

Many of our coaches are either current and active Barracuda swimmers or were once Barracuda swimmers who have returned to the team to help coach new generations of Barracudas.  

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Head Coach

We are hiring!  

We are looking for a Head Coach to lead our team of Barracuda swimmers. If you're interested in coaching an awesome group of kids, and being a part of an awesome team, we want to hear from you.

Please send us an email to [email protected]

Key Responsibilities

Liaise and collaborate with Team Leadership regarding all aspects of coaching, practices, and swimmers

Ability to work with a variety of ages and levels of swimmers

Develop and implement effective daily practice programs that focus on improving technique, stroke placement, and speed tailored to individual age groups from ages 4 through to 18

Teach brand new swimming styles or strokes to swimmers

Teaching and perfecting skills like flip turns, kicks, dives, floating, and breath control

Provide guidance and leadership to Assistant Coaches and Junior Coaches, and ensure they are enabled to provide instruction & coaching to the swimmers

Conduct weekly meetings and briefings with the coaching team & feedback to Team Leadership

Have a solid understanding of each swimmers individual capabilities and proficiencies in order to maximize heating events for the swim meets

Attend and manage all practices and swim meets, including overseeing set up and tear down of the pool area, supervision of coaches as coaches and swimmers.

Attend any required meetings with Team Leadership as needed


A solid background in swimming and/or coaching 

Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency of all swim strokes

Ability to heat swimmers according to strengths, abilities and to maximize team performance

Strong communication skills and ability to manage all ages of swimmers

First aid/CPR training preferred

A positive attitude and mentoring spirit

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Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coaches are the first-level support for the Head Coach, and are responsible for co-running swim practices, providing hands-on instruction, correction, and guidance to all swimmers. Additional support to the team as needed includes, helping to heat the meets, providing critical input to the Head Coach about swimmer abilities and proficiencies, set up and tear down of the pool before and after practices and meets.

Assistant Coaches are current swimmers with the team, and participate in their own age-group practices, and swim during the meets. 

All Assistant Coaches are required to complete a minimum of 1 year as a Junior Coach before promoting to Assistant.


Be available to assist in practices during May and June

Be a current swimmer in his/her applicable age group

Attend swim meets both as an assistant coach and a swimmer

Have completed one (1) year of Junior coaching

Have strong communication skills and demonstrated ability to explain stroke technique

Understand correct stroke form and able to effectively provide corrective instruction to swimmers 

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Junior Coaches

Barracuda junior coaches are an important part of our coaching team. Key responsibilities are helping the assistant coaches and Head Coach during practices, and working with the Tent Monitors during swim meets to help our younger swimmers with heating and swim readiness.

Junior coaches are volunteers and may claim service hours for their time. 


Must be aged 15 or a High School Freshman

Must be a current swimmer on the team 

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